Off Grid Solar

Off Grid Solar for Outbuildings. Cabins. Tiny Houses. Home Emergency Back Up Power.

Perfect for many off grid solar applications such as outbuildings, off grid cabins, emergency back-up power, disaster ready emergency power, and tiny houses. Our off grid kits are designed for medium to large usage depending on your power needs. With our Off Grid Solar Kits we’ve done all the technical work and built the perfect kit with everything needed for connecting solar to a battery bank. These kits have been designed to give optimal performance and longevity.

Each panel is built with CLASS A Monocrystalline solar cells. Class A Monocrystalline is the best, most efficient solar cell on the market with a 25 year power output warranty. We choose Class A Monocrystalline cells because they produce the most amount of power in the smallest area. The proper size and length of wire is included for the panels as well as Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters.

We recommend a battery bank of approximately 400 to 800 Amp/Hours, deep cycle.

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