Airstream RV Solar Kits

Airstream RV Solar Kits Specifically Designed for the Unique Shape of Airstream Trailers

The Zamp Solar Airstream RV Solar Kits were designed specifically for use in tight spaces and curved surfaces. An iconic Airstream Trailer, tear drop or RV’s like an R-Pod are a perfect match for our Airstream Solar RV Kits. These long and narrow solar panels still deliver the power needed for everyday camping.

These NEW Deluxe Hardwired Airstream Solar Kits now come complete with Roof Port Cap and are designed for easy installation and make adding more solar at a later time easier and more affordable. (The original Airstream RV Solar Kits without the Roof Port Cap are still available – call us for more info.)

Airstream solar panels are 80 watts and come in two sizes –

  • Regular Slim Line – 40″ x 20″
  • L Series (Long and Narrow) Slim Line – 58″ x 13.5″

We offer eight Airstream Solar Panel Kits (four in each panel size) ranging in size from 80 watts to 320 watts, that’s up to 18.4 amps of charging power per hour. These Solar Kits are complete with solar panel(s), 5 Stage Digital Deluxe PWM Charge Controller, mounting feet, 3 Port Roof Cap, 25 ft. of properly sized wire and connectors.

Our Regular Slim Line Airstream solar panels work well for teardrop trailers, measuring 40″ long by 20″ wide – different than most other solar panels.  Our “L” Series panels are perfect for curved roofs on Airstream Trailers, with solar panels designed long and narrow – 58″ Long by 13.5″ Wide. Our panels are POWERFUL and are configured for the maximum amount of Amps for best efficiency to recharge 12 volt batteries.

Each panel is 80 Watts, Class A Monocrystalline – highest efficiency, highest quality.

Please refer to the Zamp Deluxe Solar Kit Installation Guide for installation assistance (same for Airstream Kits).

Airstream 1

An example of an Airstream RV Solar Kit 320 Watt L Series installed.


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