Hybrid RV Solar System

A Hybrid RV Solar System is the combination of a permanent RV Solar System and an unregulated Portable Solar panel. Hybrid solar systems are designed for campers with limited roof space or camping in shaded areas at times. The combination of the two allows for more charging capability.

We offer a selection of hybrid systems on our website but can also customize one for your specific needs.  If you don’t see the solar panel sizes or watts you are looking for, give us a call!  

How does a Hybrid RV Solar System work?

When you install the permanent mounted solar kit you will also use the 10 gauge wire to attach the solar input side of the charge controller to the sidewall/roof port that gets installed on the lower side of the RV (not more than 10′ long).

Now you’re ready to take advantage of both systems – simply fold out the portable solar panel and plug it into the sidewall/roof port for extra power when you need it.

Who is a Hybrid RV Solar System for:

Camper Vans with limited roof space, campers with limited roof space or limited battery storage, larger RV’s that camp in shady areas but want additional solar power to charge their batteries (just set up the portable solar panel in the sun for extra power). (Note: permanent mount solar systems still charge your batteries in the shade, but at a much lower rate than if they are in full sun).

Wiring Diagram Hybrid JPG


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