CPAP Power Kits

With CPAP machine use on the rise in recent years, it has become necessary to develop devices that enable CPAP machine users to take their machines with them when they travel or camp off grid or if back up power is needed in the event of a power outage.

Two devices developed specifically to fill this need are the Zamp Solar CPAP Power Kit and the Venture Pro Battery Bank.

Zamp CPAP Power Kit

Zamp Solar developed a special kit to be used with CPAP machines, a treatment for a common sleep disorder, sleep apnea. A CPAP machine is required to run through the night while being powered by 120 Volt outlet. Take the Zamp Solar CPAP Power kit with you and you take your freedom.  The Zamp Solar CPAP Power Kit provides everything you need to install the power required to operate the CPAP machine and additional electronics anywhere.

Venture Pro Battery Bank

Whether there is a power loss or you just need to get off grid while you travel, Venture Volt has your back! The Venture Pro Battery Bank is a lightweight, portable battery system designed to work with most CPAP machines and other devices. The battery system weighs in at only 1.85 pounds and provides a restful 2-3 night’s sleep on a single charge. Can be charged with AC, DC or solar power.

Take your therapy to the next level of preparedness!

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